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Garage Door Opener
If you search online, you will find many garage door openers brands and types. And if you are thinking which opener to purchase, you can easily get confused, and you may not sure which opener will be the best for you, and which one will serve all your needs. We are going to try and help you making the right decision, by shedding some light on the subject.

Do I need a garage door opener?
It may seem natural for you that a garage door and the opener goes together, and you may think that everyone who have a garage door, whether it is a garage door opener in New Rochelle, or a garage door opener in Brooklyn New York, also have a garage door opener. The truth is that many home owners prefer to use their garage door manually, without the assistance of an electric opener. 
If you use your garage door often, or if you are interested in a new garage door opener and there was never an opener installed, the first thing you need to do, as obvious that it may sound, is to make sure that there is electricity outlet in your garage. Some garage do not have a power outlet, so there is no possibility to install a new opener. 
If there is electricity, and the structure of your garage allow a new opener installation, read the next paragraph, which explain about the different types of garage doors openers.

Types Of Garage door openers
There are 3 main garage door openers types, and we would like to explain about the differences, and hopefully help you choose the right type of opener for you.

Chain Drive Opener

The Lift-master chain drive opener is our best seller. It is a strong, loyal, and with the right maintenance, it can easily last for more than 20 years. It is working with a steel chain, which run along a rail, and by pulling and pushing the door, it open and close the door.

Lift Master Operator

Belt Drive Opener

The belt drive opener is the right opener for people who want to get an opener which is as silent as possible. It operate in the same way that the chain drive opener operates, just that instead of a steel chain, it equipped with a rubber belt, and that eliminate the sound of the iron chain create. 
It is a little more expensive than the chain drive opener, but the quality and the silence way it operated really make it a great opener. If you think about the fact that it can last for more than 20 years, it really worth the investment. Especially of your garage is located bellow a bedroom or a living room, and you prefer to keep the opener movement as quiet as possible.

Screw Drive Opener

This opener is a great choice for those who prefer to install the opener in a DIY. It is easy to install, adjust and maintain, and consider to be strong. But you see less and less from this kind of opener these days.


Not every time when it seem like there is an opener problem, necessarily mean that there is a problem with the opener. It is possible that the problem, is due a malfunction with the mechanism of the door, which affect the way the opener behave.
Openers and accessories
The garage door opener come with accessories, some of them are required by the law, and install a new opener without a safety feature is illegal, and some can be added to improve the experience of using an automated overhead door.

Safety Sensors
Even that they have no part in electrically operating the garage door, and even that they may be the cause for many garage door issues, installing a garage door opener with no safety feature, or installing them in the wrong way is illegal.
The safety sensors can sometime prevent the door from closing all the way from different reasons, and usually the safety sensors troubleshooting is something that you can do by yourself. But they are there for a reason, and it is to protect you, you family, a pet or an object from being crashed under the closing door. Whenever something is blocking the doors path while it is in movement, the safety sensors “tell” the opener that there is soothing in the way, and the opener will reverse and stay open.
Other accessories that come with the garage door opener, and they are optional: Remote control, push button, key pad, emergency release (For garages that the garage door is the only access to them) and Battery backup.

Opener Remote

Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting
Even the best garage door opener can stop working from time to time. Sometime it is simply to replace the battery of the remote control or the keypad, sometime it is the Gear, and not once, it may seem like the opener is having a problem lifting the door, when it is actually a problem with the door itself. 
A garage door should work perfectly when it is being used manually. If your garage door is not working smoothly manually, it should be repaired before you try to open and close it with the opener. The opener just need to push and pull the door, not to lift its weight, which is the job of the spring system. So if there is a broken spring, a broken pulley, snapped cable, or other garage door problem, it must be fixed before trying to use it remotely.
If you will continue to use the broken door, you will probably create a bigger damage, you may burn the opener, and most important – it is dangerous.

Lift Master Openers
Our preferred brand when it comes to garage door opener is Lift-Master. They offer high quality garage door openers, whether it is a chain drive opener or a belt drive. And their openers are considered to be strong and reliable. There are other openers manufactures in the American market, and they may also be good, but after years of installing doors and openers, we learned that Lift-Master is a company that you can trust t

Spring and Opener

Spring and opener repairs

 We offer repair for all kinds of overhead doors, commercial and residential.
Whether it is a torsion spring that snapped, or an opener that cannot lift the door, we can repair it.
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