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Garage Door Tune-Up PLUS
Replacing your Rollers For Only $125.00!

For a limited time we are offering a garage door tune-up PLUS replacing your  old rollers with all new quiet nylon ball bearing rollers. We will also program up to two your existing garage door keyless entries! This service is normally price at $194 ~ a savings of $95!
OFFER GOOD THRU 3/31/2016!!!

A1 Accurate Garage Door Company 
will inspect and service/adjust the following:
Set opener limits and force
Adjust chain or belt tension
Lubricate door and opener
Tighten any loose bolts/nuts
Balance the springs to proper door specs
Install new rollers or keyless entry

We will also inspect and advise the following:
Springs, cables, pulleys, center & end bearings
Drums, flag brackets, hinges, torsion bar, jamb brackets
Evaluate gear and sprocket assembly, weather seal, bottom rubber,
 wall button, remotes and address any other concerns you may have.

This offer cannot be combined with any other special. Offer is for residential service only. Any additional repair/replacement requirements identified will be diagnosed and priced for approval prior to initiating further work. Additional fees may apply for doors that do not have a standard roller track system.Offer is good for replacement of up to 10 rollers which is average for a
standard 7 ft. door. Additional cost of $10.00 a roller for 8 ft. doors which require more rollers.

All specials, discounts and coupons are for garage doors with standard garage door systems that comply with state law:

Standard torsion springs are:
1 3/4" and 2" inside diameter with 4 inch drums. 
Standard offset or centered torsion springs. Standard residential size  garage doors up to 8 feet high and 16 feet wide. Standard track 10- 17 radius bolted together by standard track bolts and attached by standard jam and flag brackets.

Non Standard Spring System:
Extension springs  without S-hook adjustment system. Easy wind system by Ideal. Torque Master system by Wayne Dalton. Opposite wind springs, which would include low headroom track and Crawford track. Bottom bracket track wraparounds.

Nonstandard track include:
Vertical lift, High lift , Outdated track.

Track fasteners:
Snaps, rivets, pins or square nuts and bolts.

Standard Maintenance procedure is as follows: 
Track/rail  straightness and perpendicular adjustments for safe roller operation. Additional charges could occur for extensive adjustments. Balance springs to proper door specifications, advice and warnings given if springs do not meet specifications. Tighten and replace any missing or loose bolts/nuts. Lubricate  all non-sealed  parts.

Garage door service; additional labor charges include:
Installation of extension spring safety cables. Adjustments to the jamb and flag brackets for centering , leveling or clearance between door and molding/weather stripping, concentric adjustments to spring shaft, which include adjustments to end bearings, center support bearings.

Standard Maintenance procedure for garage door openers that comply with state law : 
Lubricate all required parts. Travel and force adjustments. Chain and belt adjustments. Infrared sensors checked for alignment.

There will be additional charges for nonstandard systems:

12 foot and higher ceilings. Eight-foot and longer rails. Labor and wiring for nonstandard distance (over 25'). 
Rail cutting modification charge, to accommodate load bearing I-beams and duct work.

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